Fun Stuff
Beets: a lifesaving diagnostic tool? Please, someone perform this simple clinical study to detect hemochromatosis early.
You could: (a) help thousands of people and (b) become hemi-eponymously immortal.
Periodic Table of the Hellements A miniposter of all the things that can give you hell.
Available for Liberals, Conservatives, Misanthropes, and the Politically Correct.
The Astronaut Almanac Two beautiful volumes containing the official biography of every NASA astronaut selected through 2008.
Astronauts and Cosmonauts Hints for becoming one. Their medical histories. Dumb flight surgeon tricks.
The Mad Cow Calculator Is eating beef more likely to give you a heart attack or Mad Cow disease?
Another Digital Day A visual history of the economic collapse in Silicon Valley in 2003.
Intel wasn't thinking of this during their 1998 anniversary celebration. home page